We create workshop experiences using storytelling, arts and evidence-based approaches to psychology to guide you to build a strong and clear sense of self

We take you on a creative journey to connect more meaningfully with yourself and people around you. 

Our workshops create opportunities:


For StoryArtists

Our StoryArtists are people who are from all walks of life, they have a story and an artistic talent to share

To showcase their stories, views and identity



For You

To shed lights on the conditioned inner stories that construct your identity and discover a new way relating to them. Hence to develop a more authentic and  expanded version of yourselves.

To inspire mindset change in the way you perceive yourself in relation to the world. Hence, to discover the unique strengths and values that guide you to live more meaningfully.

To inspire actions change in the way we interact with each other in a more empathetic way. Hence, to strengthen and deepen our relationships in life.

To express yourself with authenticity and freely through singing, dancing, painting and storytelling.

And...to have FUN and be PLAYFUL :) 

During the workshop... 

Each workshop explores a theme that will be important and relevant to your life.

You will be challenged to think and reflect deeply about the way you relate to yourself and others. 

Some of your senses will be activated through hearing stories and directly engaging in the creative arts process. For example, in a workshop, you will be invited to observe a piece of art through your eyes, hear stories through your ears, smell a flower through your nose and move your body through dance, etc.

Our workshops are co-designed by psychologists, learning and development professionals and StoryArtists.  Each workshop design is supported by evidence-based approach to psychology and learning principles. They include a mix of interactive group activities, reflections and discussions in order to cultivate the most supportive environment and maximise workshop experiences.