The methodology that underlies program delivery is informed by the latest data-driven research to ensure that programs are closely tailored to each participant's needs. We incorporate a unique approach to human learning and development, from artistic expression to new technology, including an immersive simulator experience.

We deliver programs and workshops that seamlessly combine 3 core elements:



Psychology is a behavioural scientific approach to understanding the thoughts, emotions and behaviours of human beings. Psychological research and frameworks underpin everything we do. We design and deliver workshops that bring together multiple and complimentary psychological approaches to increase the chances of a successful outcome for everything involved. Approaches we use including: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Positive Psychology and Narrative therapy, etc.



Creative expression, such as drawing and dancing, is a medium to bridge between your inner and external worlds and it facilitates the highest form of self-expression. Creative expression also helps you to develop mindfulness and widen perspective. It is a way to develop critical consciousness. When you creates or observes arts intensively, it is a state to bring your full self to the given moment and gain insights into the different vantages from which to see and understand your own and others’ creation. The mindful process of creation helps to practice observational and communication skills, as well as bias awareness and empathy. 



We partner with simulation learning expert to offer truly immersive training. We use state-of-the-art technology to fully immerse a participant in a realistic situation (scenario), delivered by professionally trained actors, created within a physical space (simulator), that replicates a real environment.