All our programs are designed and delivered by Organisational Psychologists and Learning and Development Experts.

We deliver workshops that seamlessly combine 3 core elements:



Psychology (Connect with your own Inner stories)

Psychology is a behavioural scientific approach to understanding the thoughts, emotions and behaviours of human beings. Psychological research and frameworks underpin everything we do. We design and deliver workshops that bring together multiple and complimentary psychological approaches to increase the chances of a successful outcome for everything involved.

And here are the core approaches that we use.

  • Narrative Coaching Approach | This approach centres people as the experts in their own lives by helping them to understand and re-author the stories they have constructed. It challenges people to view their problems as separate from themselves, allowing them to create personal stories that are meaningful and empowering.

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) | This approach uses mindfulness skills to teach people to handle emotional pain more effectively. It increases people’s psychological flexibility and resilience in order to help them create a rich and meaningful value-driven life.

  • Positive Psychology | This approach is focused on understanding and using the strengths and qualities that enable people to thrive. It provides people with a scientific approach to creating a life that allows them to be the best version of themselves. We utilise the VIA survey in our workshops to identity strengths in individual.


Creative Expression (Express your inner stories)

Creative expression, such as drawing and singing, is a medium to bridge between your inner and external worlds and it facilitates the highest form of self-expression. Creative expression also helps you to develop mindfulness and widen perspective. It is a way to develop critical consciousness. When you creates or observes arts intensively, it is a state to bring your full self to the given moment and gain insights into the different vantages from which to see and understand your own and others’ creation. The mindful process of creation helps to practice observational and communication skills, as well as bias awareness and empathy. 


Storytelling (Connect with others' inner stories)

Storytelling allows participants to transfer experiences directly to people mind. They feel what you feel as their minds synchronise with yours. When a group of minds synchronise, we build relationships based on empathy and connect at a much deeper level.