Christine Yeung

CEO and Founder

As a child, I cried a lot and I sense a lot of emotions from my surrounding. I am very sensitive and had limited control over my emotions, and this affected me and the people around. I wanted and needed to better understand why I felt what I felt – and therefore chose to study psychology.

In 2009, I started my career in psychometrics consulting at one of the leading psychometric companies. As Head of Psychology, I could indulge in my new love for data-driven research, and explore the complex yet regular patterns of human constructs, in particularly emotions and empathy

Eight years in this role taught me to go deep. I was ready to go broad. I spent two years consulting and studying across Europe, Asia and Australia, working with businesses, non-profits and the United Nations at the intersection of governance and culture. My biggest learning was that ‘just data’ is not enough: to transform, you must connect with the stories and emotions of others, and for this, you must tap into your own emotions.

In 2016, I took the next step in my social innovation journey to help people develop a strong sense of identity, understand their deepest stories and emotions, and use them to creative positive changes in their environment. For this, I founded Beyond Story – an organisation weaving data-driven and creative approaches to expand our human capacity to thrive in complexity, restore wisdom and human-ness in our collective reality.




Dr Stefan Fothe

Advisory Group Member - Organisational and Business Strategy

Stefan is committed to the the mission of Beyond Story. As a member of the Advisory Group, he works regularly with the team. His support focuses on the the organisational and business strategy of Beyond Story.

Outside of 'Beyond Story', Stefan is the Director of Ownity, a boutique consultancy that works to increase capacity for action in the world. Prior to Ownity, previously head of Learning and Development at The Boston Consulting Group. Prior to that Stefan spent 6 years in academia in Europe, researching adult learning. Stefan has trained thousands of professionals and leaders across industries and regions. He also works as an executive and team coach.


Wesa Chau

Senior Facilitator

Wesa Chau is a senior facilitator at Beyond Story. She is also an experienced manager, board director, speaker, and specialist consultant on the topic of diversity and leadership. 

Wesa is the director of Cultural Intelligence, she has worked with and consulted clients ranging from government departments, educational institutions, corporations and not for profit organisations. She specialises in how cultural diversity impacts on leadership. Wesa was named as the 2010 Young Victorian of the Year. Wesa’s commitment to gender equality, cultural diversity and social cohesion has been recognised through the Australian Leadership Award and an inductee of the Victorian Honour Roll of Women. 


Dr. Gavin Slemp

Advisory Group Member - Impact and Effectiveness Measure

Dr Gavin is a registered psychologist (AHPRA), and is the Director of Undergraduate Teaching at the Centre for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne. Before becoming an academic Gavin worked as an organisational psychologist in the areas of leadership development, skills training, and well-being. Gavin’s research interests include job crafting, motivation, and the environmental supports of motivation and well-being in employees.

At Beyond Story, Gavin works closely with the team to develop and continue to refine our measurement matrix in order to ensure all our impact is measured and captured efficiently. The data collected will also contribute to the University of Melbourne as part of the innovation research on psychological health and wellbeing.


Candice Yu

Marketing and Communication Manager

Candice works closely with Beyond Story as a visual artist to make everything aesthetically pleasing. She translates creative idea into reality. She work closely with the team to design and manage the look and feel for Beyond Story's social media platforms.

Outside "Beyond Story", Wing has been working in entertainment industry, delivering complex corporate and live entertainment events. She is responsible for leading teams throughout the event delivery phase ensuring events are delivered in line with business and strategic objectives.

She believes handmade goods possess a special power for us to reconnect, to understand the story behind the items, and to appreciate makers' hard work in creating the products.