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Beyond a Classical Indian Dance Workshop - From traditions to storytelling

  • Beyond Story 1 Saint Heliers Street Abbotsford, VIC, 3067 Australia (map)

"Performing Odissi is for me just magic. I feel a real connection with the audience and experience first-hand the transformative power of storytelling." - Poornima (Uthra)

In this 1.5 hour workshop with our StoryArtist - Uthra (Poornima) you teach you part of a dance called Mamiyam Chalitha. It is an epic love song which lyric composed by the Indian poet Jayadeva in the 12 th Century. It describes the love between the god Krishna and his lover Radha.

In this session, you'll learn beyond the skills of classical Indian dance, you'll learn about:

  • Hindu mythology

  • History of the costume

  • How to wear the constume (constume will be provided for you to dress up !)

  • The values of the dance represent in the culture

  • Poornima's story as a dancer, a migrant and an Austrlian.What does this identify mean to her - having the Indian heritage living in Australia - it's about dancing but also what's beyond the dancing.

  • AND A litte surprise for you

Whether you’re a dancer, or it's your first time since a very longggg timeee – you are welcome as this class is all about human connections through mindful body movement and storytelling. Please come along with all your innate human qualities - fun, be curiorious, be creative and be authetnic.