About the program

In today’s world, where challenges are exponentially more complex and ambiguous than they used to be, leadership is not only about doing – not only a set of skills – but also about being – the embodiment of strong values and principles. It is a strong identity informed by deep personal development, that enable strategic clarity, emotional wisdom and value-driven execution. To go beyond to ‘do’ leadership and become the embodiment of how you lead, traditional leadership training frameworks are insufficient

BECOMING is a six-day program consists of two coordinated parts: 'See The Pattern' and 'Connect The Dots'. The program is delivered over a six-month period.

Incorporating the state of art from both behavioural science and creative practices. This program is fully immersive to ensure maximal and sustainable impact on participants. Check out our unique methodology.

Part 1: See The Pattern (3-day)

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See the Pattern’ is a deep exploration of the identity as a leader, focusing on discovering personal narratives, motivation, values, principles and habitual patterns in thinking, feeling and acting. Participants will also learn how to evolve them safely and create sustainable changes. This program is not only about interpreting a traditional self-assessment: the program is about discovering who you are, who you are becoming, in multiple layers.

In these three days, participants will:

  • Discover and develop a strong sense of leadership identity and understand its impact

  • Discover their own values, principles and how these manifests in their leadership and understand their impact

  • Understand their emotional self, their thoughts and emotional response patterns, learn to observe to their own emotional wisdom and raise emotional health

  • Learn strategies to make decisions based on the insights (Head), instinct (Body) and initiation (Heart)

Part 2: Connect The Dots (3-day)

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Connect The Dots’ goes from the inside out. Building on new and deep knowledge about the self, participants explore their connection with others, paying particular attention to strategic insight in complex environments and harness diverse perspectives for powerful impact.

In these three days, participants will:

  • Discover and learn about their leadership in relation to the complex reality

  • Expand capacity and build skills in leading diverse individuals through empathy and deep understanding

  • Expand capacity and build skills in leading under extreme polarised and challenging situation

Overall Program Outcome

Participants will…

Thrive in their complex reality

  • Discover their leadership identity, to clearly articulate values and principles for self and discern those from others

  • Learn to take autonomous action consistent with what they intent to lead, even in ambiguous or uncertain situations

  • Learn to distinguish the important from the accessory

Harness Collective Capacity

  • Expand capacity to work with diverse individuals and perspectives

  • Expand capacity to leverage emotional wisdom and empathy in working relationships. Strengthen and nurture deep

    understanding and trust in these relationships

  • Drive performance through deeper connections and inspire joint purpose

Influence Beyond Positional Power

  • Learn to distinguish what can and cannot be compromised

  • Expand capacity to conduct effective and courageous conversations in ambiguous and polarised situations

  • Raise consciousness and build skills to critically self-reflect, to truly adapt to and negotiate different context