A one-on-one coaching program

A safe, creative and emotive space is provided allowing you to deep dive internally in order to explore, awaken and challenge your inner stories.  You will be supported and empowered in this self-discovery journey:

·       To understand and reconnect with your unique personal power (by discovering your values, strengths, gaps, passion, deepest drivers) 

·       To understand your three intelligence centers ‘head’, ‘heart’ and ‘body’ and how to align the three centers.

·       To understand your emotional needs and learn technique to express and manage them

·       To identify your limiting assumptions and learn to free them

·       To learn how to reduce judgement towards yourself and critical reflection skills for self-regulation and empowerment

·       To practice decision making in life that leverage your unique quality and align actions with your values

This program is for anyone who want to be in alignment, feel content and resourceful in creating a deeply meaningful life despite daily challenges. 

It is all about you truly seeing YOU and knowing who you are in the process of becoming.

Learning outcome

  • Confident in own ability to handle uncertainty and tough situations

  • Mental clarity for decision-making, problem-solving and planning

  • Ability to master strong emotions and action based on values

  • Capacity to express and communicate yourself more authentically.

  • Feelings of overwhelmed and anxiousness

  • Self-doubt

  • Miscommunication

  • Worry when working with complexity and unknown